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Accomodation near Boulevard

Accomodation near BoulevardOne of the most suitable places is the area adjacent to the water park. Thanks to the distance from the city center and the abundance of modern buildings. The prices here are not particularly bully even in the high season (especially if you rent an apartment for a long time). The place is relatively quiet, calm. But at the same time it is fully infrastructure developed. For example, quite a few apartments are offered in fashionable new buildings.

The houses are located  along the main street of Sherif Khimshiashvili, but becauseAccomodation near Boulevard of not very busy traffic noise does not bother, plus the balconies of many apartments in the local houses overlook the sea. Also, many apartments are rented in old Soviet houses. But here as lucky, when booking it is necessary to carefully read reviews of previous guests. If the apartment is really cool, it is sure will be repeatedly written by those who lived in it before you. And if there are almost no reviews and pictures of some “muddy”, it is better to look for another option. The fact is that the owners of apartments in Georgia, as a rule, are very hospitable and pleasant people, and in order not to offend them, the guests, who are dissatisfied with the dwelling, often do not write anything in the reviews.

There are many houses here, both new and old – as a consequence. Many rented apartments for different tastes and budgets. Nearby there are several good restaurants (Adjar House, Tower, Kievlyanochka). Also McDonald’s, gas station, a lot of greenery, beach, lake.

To view the apartments you can click on the link below: Apartments in Batumi for summer

Accomodation near Boulevard

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