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sairmeName Sairme mean “Deer Place” in Georgian. It was given to the town since a herd of deer was coming down here on winter for drinking place. Legend says hunters had found out the sources when hotfooting wounded deer. In the place where deers were gathered water was flowed on the red rusted stones. Sairme is located at 900m above sea level, on the north slope of Meskheti ridge, in ravive of Tsablaristskali River. Mountain Didmagali is uplifted on the east site of the resort (at 2585m). On the west is Mepistskaro Mountain (at 2848m). Kutaisi is located 55km far from Sairme.

First information related to Sairme is seen in the documents of 90ies of XIX century. Small wooden houses were constructed for that time. Resort started to develop since 30ies of last century. Had built 2-floor building with a саирмеmaximum capacity of 300 person. It was the first health resort. First person who was carrying out the first attempts to study Sairme sources was dedicated to doctor Kelendzheradze. In 1912 as a student he had taken water samples in Petersburg for researches. It turned out that water has healing property and in 1932 Sairme was recognized as Balnelogical resort which is reach in sources of healing waters.

In 1941 some more wooden building were constructed here, but the main obstacle was lack of roads. And in 1945 highway had been constructed with an assistance of German prisioners and locals and wooden houses were replaced by health resorts and pension. Mineral water hall, sport fields, polyclinic and even government cottages have been constructed. In 1945 Sairme mineral water was bottled.

After USSR was collapsed Sairme had been totally ruined but everything had changed in the new millennium. Dynamic and infrastructure development had commencement in 2011 and at that time hotel “Sairme” was constructed, with a capacity of 150 rooms and 390 person, as well as recreation zone and trade points, 5 star pensions were built.


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