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Mud cure resort of Akhtala

Mud cure resort of AkhtalaMud cure resort of Akhtala in Georgia is located 122 km from Tbilisi, in the vicinity of Gurjaani, at an altitude of 312 m. Akhtala mud is very colloidal and contains iodine, bromine, lithium and other elements. That are not typical for mud of sedimentary origin. Its peculiarity is the methane content. There is also mineral water with the same mineral content as pseudo-volcanic mud, but without mud Mud cure resort of Akhtalacontent. The temperature of the mud varies in proportion to the temperature of the air.

Mention of the resort is found in Vakhushti Batonishvili (XVIII century), historians P. Ioseliani and A. Meskhishvili (XIX). The first data on the medicinal properties of Akhtala appeared in the 40s of the XIX century. First hospital was opened here in 1862. The therapeutic properties of akhtal mud were studied at the research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy (it was founded in 1928) under the leadership Of D. Javakhishvili.

Experts emphasize that around the resort grow the best varieties of vines, which makes it possible to carry out viticulture. In short, the mud of volcanic origin, erupting from the hills of the resort of Akhtala, is valued at its weight in gold. It is the result of continuous tectonic and biochemical processes in the earth’s interior. Akhtala mud is used for baths, applications, tampons. Their use gives a high therapeutic effect in the treatment of diseases of the limbs, nervous system, female organs, skin problems, etc.

Mud cure resort of Akhtala

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