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Kvareli fortress

Kvareli fortress Kvareli fortress is one of the main historical attractions of the Sunny city in Georgia. The fortress was built in the 18th century and served as the main protection for the locals. Kvareli fortress walls are made of gray stone, and their height is more than 3 meters. The Kvareli fortress was surrounded by a moat filled with water.

A fortress of the city: Cylindrical towers are erected at the corners, as well as semi-cylindrical towers standing outside in the centers of the Western and Northern walls. The entrance square tower will interfere in the middle of the Eastern wall.

The fence is two-tiered everywhere. As in other fortresses, and here, the lower tier of the deaf. Before the upper tiers everywhere stretches a wide fighting path. The groans of the upper tier are arranged loopholes in different directions. An entrances to the towers, consisting of several floors, are arranged from the courtyard. The towers are a lot of loopholes. Almost every floor also has fireplaces and niches for household purposes.

There is an interesting fact about this place. The great Avar leader Nursal-Bek, who captured many cities and buildings of this kind, in 1755, could not cope with The powerful Kvareli fortress. So the city and many of life of the population was saved.

Kvareli fortress

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