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Paravani Lake

Озеро ПараваниParavani Lake is the widest lake of Georgia. Georgian called this miracle of the nature Paravani tba or Paravnis tba. Paravani Lake is located at 2073m above sea level, max depth is 3.3m, and water is fresh.

Lake is surrounded by beautiful Alpine meadows the pride of this region. The best period is spring when plants flourish; you will find here any color: blue, red and yellow.

Lake Safe the secret history, divers observed on the bottom unbelievable professionals of different field studied construction with the area of 900m2; scientists joined their study in one project called it “Paravani”. The head of this project was lecturer of Tbilisi University, Professor Vakhtant Licheli.

After a long research, scientists came to the consensus that on the bottom they found Kurgan burial site of Bronze epoch. Many kitchen and practical objects, jars of different size and form and many more things that are different studied and objects dated by IV century BC.

However, study did not finished; tunnel discovered which goes to the very center of Kurgan. Many household items was discovered as well as bacini which preserved the way it was many years ago. The very old items found on the Озеро Параваниbottom dated by II thousandths BC. Scientist supposed that lake was smaller than now. Nevertheless, due to some natural event the level increase and basin in flood. Scientist hope that one day they will find an answer to their questions.

The interesting is a legend about Kurgan in Paravani Lake:

Country Parvana exists between the mountains Abul and Mtin. In the rich castle lived ruler Parvana with his daughter. The princess was very beautiful. When the girl ripe for the marriage, eligible bachelors gathered in the square near the castle. In order to choose the best of them king announce beginning of the competition and the princess should choose one of them. However, the princess was very kind; she did not want pointless bloodshed and choose another way. The one who will bring unquenchable fire will be the chosen one. The knights flew away hoping to find the fire. Princess was waiting for a long time but nobody ever come back with the desired gift during the years. Unfortunate princess begun to cry out of desperation and flooded castle and Parvana Kingdom.

Paravani Lake

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