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Abastumani Resort

курорт абастуманиFamous resort Abastumani is located in Adigeni region suburb. It’s 28km far from Akhaltsikhe, at 1270-1340m above sea level. Area covered by coniferous forests where pine dominated. In Abastumani air is fresh and mountainous. Semi dry climate, no winds, mountain slopes covered with forests. Summer is temperate warm and winter is soft and sunny.

Unique microclimate is giving unbelievable results while treating tuberculosis.

Resort founded in the midst of XIX century and called Abbas-Tuman (Abastumani) was included in Akhaltsikhe region. Foundations dedicated to doctor A.A.Remmerta, military-medical inspector of Caucasus Military. Military hospital for 200 lower rank, 30 officer and 10 women was functioning since 1864 every summer. There were three springs of mineral water Bogatiry, Zmei and Protivozolotushnii.

In 1925, Architect I.A.Ivanov-Shitz had built Sanatoria, tuberculosis hospital, polyclinic and baths building during Soviet rule. Palace Park and heritor tsetsarevich Georgy Aleksandrovich located in the upper part of Abastumani and had met beautiful Georgian duchess Liza Nizharadze, he felt in love and wanted to waive right to Russian throne in order to marry her. Royal family will not allow such a shame. She got married and George passed away in 1899. There is chapel built from Carrara marble. Ensemble of art frescoes done by Mikhail Nesterov located in the temple абастумани абеонатревелof Saint Alexander Nevsky.

Abastumani Sights:

Abastumani astrophysical observatory founded on 8 February of 1932. Initially observatory located in the suburb of Abastumani and then transferred on Kanobili Mountain (at 1650m above sea level) Lesser Caucasus Ridge. Observation of American researcher Glazenapa showed that Abastumani is the most favorable place for astronomic observations.

Abastumani Astrophysical observatory building started in 1932. Director was Eugenie Kharadze. In 1937 observatory published “Biuleten”.

Center of astrophysical plasma organized in observatory in 2000. In 90ies of XX century observatory known formally, as “Georgian National Astrophysical observatory named by E. Kharadze” and in 2007 observatory included in structure of Chavchavadze State University.

Beside observatory you can also visit:

  • Saint George church dated by 14 century and medieval frescoes still preserved there. Church founded in 2008
  • Ruined castle dated by 13 century and one and only arch bridge named by the most famous queen Tamara
  • Church of Alexander Nevsky dated by 19 century, the copy to Zarzma monastery, which is why locals called it “Little Zarzma”. Church built in 1898 by the order of Saint George. Russian painter Mikhail Nesterov decorates Temple. It takes him three years, more than 50 compositions and ornaments.
  • Abastumani Baths build between 1879-1881 by Adolf Aleksandrovich Remmert (1835-1902) who came from Saints-Petersburg and considered founder of Abastumani resort. Remmert died in Abastumani and buried on cemetery of Catholic Church near the park of Abas-Tumani mineral water.
  • Winter and summer mansions of greta tsesarevitch George, designed by Otto Simons, built from rocks and trees. Located on the both side of the riverbank and connectedto each other by small brigde. Now included in nunnery of Saint Panteleimon Monastery. On 12 March of 2008, construction destroyed by the fire and renovated now.

Abastumani Resort

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