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Bakuriani Resort

Курорт БакурианиBakuriani resort is ancient ski resort of Caucasus starting its history of snow-recreation history since the end of 19 century. Members of Russian Emperor Family noticed picturesque area. Fresh mountainous air filled with aroma of softwood, captivated views of sparkling peaks and ravines those are all conditions to announce Bakuriani as a winter residence for Nobel’s. From XIX century, Bakuriani was the resort for Royal Family. Royal palace is an evidence for it. Mr. Gustave Eiffel invited to build narrow railway bridge, which was connecting mineral and snowy resort.

During 70-80ies of XX century Bakuriani was base for training of skiing National Olympic team of Soviet Union. Many famous soviet skier trains here. Slalom, bobsledding, biathlon and ski jumping competitions run here.

Now Bakuriani is as center of ski as well as family resort. Here you can go skating, go sledding, Skidoo, go horse riding and explore neighborhoods. Locals calls this place “Sun Ravine”. Famous Borjomi springs have its source from the peaks of Bakuriani Mountains.

Bakuriani Resort

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