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Magaladze Church

Magaladze Church or Magalaant eklesia (XII century) in Shida Kartli since the XV century belonged to the strong princely family of Magaladze. Locals call it the usual “Mahamandal”. Initially, the area was owned by the Ivanidze princely family. The last reconstruction of the complex was carried out in Soviet times, in the period between 1937-1941.

Complex princes of Mamaladze consists of four main parts: a hall-Church with beautiful paintings. The very first painting refers to the time of construction of the temple, and the last layer of painting was applied in 1677 by order of Nikoloz Magaladze, who also restored the entire complex. The facade of the Church is particularly impressive. By the beauty of ornaments and carvings it can be compared with the best examples of Georgian medieval architecture. Two chapels, one of which is built into the fortress wall and built in 1716 by Solomon Magaladze. The second chapel of Prince Papuna Mamaladze altered in the ancestral tomb. You can climb to the second floor by a stone staircase. A little further on the hill is a four-storey watchtower with master’s quarters.

Magaladze Church

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