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Lesya Ukrainka House Museum

Lesya Ukrainka House MuseumLesya Ukrainka House Museum was opened in 1952 on the initiative of Georgy Leonidze. It is located in the house of the century, owned by a representative of the local nobility Surami, the famous ethnographer Nikoloz Abazadze. The current Museum is not the home where Lesya Ukrainka lives. The real house nearby was destroyed in 1975.

Here for the last few years, and 10 days before his death, lived Lesya Ukrainka with her husband Clement Kvitka. She came here on the advice of doctors who proposed to improve the southern climate. Everyone knows Lesya Ukrainka in the city. There is a school named after Lesya Ukrainka, there is a street of the same name, a monument, and of course, a Museum-library of Lesya Ukrainka.

The Museum has several exhibition halls, which exhibit reflecting the life and work of Lesya Ukrainka rich ethnographic, documentary, photo and numismatic exhibits, items donated to the Museum by the Ukrainian people. In Suras annually held a big celebration, “Lesya’s autumn”, or in Georgian “Lesiona”. It used to be held on September 25, but recently in early October.

Visiting time: 10.00-17.00 (except Monday)

Lesya Ukrainka House Museum

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