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The youngest Georgia resort town is situated in Zugdidi municipality near the border with Abkhazia. Anaklia currently is a impressive resort with dry climate. With high-quality hotels, smooth roads, European architecture framed by subtropical forests and soft sandy beaches uncommon for Georgian Black Sea Coast. Remarkable people are remained unchanged sincerely rejoice for guests from all over the world. City is an amazing place to devote if not vacation than at least part of it.

Aaklia began to settle currently so attraction focus is coast. Urban beaches width is 80m, total length is 5km. By the way in Anaklia they have one interesting feature. On the left coast beaches, on hotels side, are sandy. And on the right one, near to entertainment complex – rather pebbly, although the seabed in both places is muddy. The bias is very small, very convenient for parents with babies.


Sport and Entertainment

Anaklia beaches offering traditional entertainment: bananas, Jet Ski, kite surfing, yachting and boat trips. Tourist also may take advantage of tennis courts, basketball pitch. Extreme tourists will appreciate diving, rafting and skydiving. Universal entertainment for all family members is the largest on Black Sea coast Anaklia Aqua Park. Here you will meet clean pools, waterfalls, Jacuzzi, many extreme amusement parks for both adults and children.

Working Hours 11:00AM – 19:00PM
Entrance: 15GEL
Ticket is valid throughout the day

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Night Life

Bars and discos start working vivify streets in the evening; casino and clubs doors are opened too.

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Culture and History

Modern town Anaklia originated on site of Heraclea Greek Colony, old kolkhid settlement played an important trade role in Pontic (Black Sea) area. Heraclea fell into decay with decline of Hellenistic era. In 15th and 18th centuries AD is was fortified port of ancient Mingrelian principality, converted to Anaklia and in 1723 turned into trading harbor to Ottoman Empire.

In 1770 seaside trading station was conquered by Russian and Georgian forces and became part of Imereti. In 19th century AD Circassian (Adyghe) population was forcibly taken from their homeland exactly from Anaklia.

On place where people were sent to Ottoman Empire stands Orthodox Church and in 2012 Circassian genocide victims’ monument was opened. Small, but still efficient Black Sea Fleet base was located in Anaklia in Soviet Union’s time.

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