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Ureki is located on the Black Sea coast, between Batumi and Poti. It is the only coastal climate resort in the world with a beach of black fine volcanic magnetic sand, with medicinal properties. Ureki is good for a quiet family vacation. The sea here is not very deep. Which is especially convenient for children and the elderly. In Ureki, the main therapeutic factor is sea air and magnetic sand. The composition of this sand includes magnetic particle. It is a natural resort factor. All this has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, on the respiratory system and on neuroses. Especially useful is Ureki for children and adolescents.

According to experts, Ureki has no analogues in the world. “Eternally Green Zone” begins – Pine grove with a width of 50 to 100 meters. It becomes clear that the ecological, this is the cleanest place on earth. The combination of the Sea Breeze with the mountain air enriched with a pine “filter”, the rays of the Southern Sun and the special properties of magnetic sand make Ureki indispensable for a serene rest, strengthening health and accumulating strength.

Magneto therapy

Magneto therapy helps restore healthy blood circulation. As a consequence – the supply of cells with oxygen and nutrients becomes deficit-free. And toxic substances are eliminated from the body. Being under the influence of a low-intensity magnetic field facilitates chronic pain, has a vasodilating effect, and strengthens the heart muscle, increasing coronary blood flow. Magnetic therapy has a soothing, restorative effect. In Ureki, vacationers are beneficially affected not only by the beach baths made of magnetite sand, but also by the mild climate. And here as a magnet attracts children to infertile couples

The healing properties of the magnetic field are known from ancient times. They were used for treatment by Egyptians, Greeks, and Indian yogis.

In modern medicine, the magnetic field is widely used as a physiotherapy method called “magneto therapy”
Scientific research has proved the high efficiency of resort therapeutic factors in the following diseases:
Cardiovascular diseases (stage 1-2 hypertensions, chronic ischemic heart disease, post infarction cardio sclerosis, myocardial dystrophy and others).

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatic and infectious polyarthritis in chronic stages, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, osteochondropathy).

Functional diseases of the nervous system (depression, neurotic hypertension, climacteric neurosis, neuralgia and others); children’s diseases (cerebral palsy, spinal paralysis, rickets, birth trauma and others).


Sport and Entertainment

On the beaches of Ureki, an active recreation is also organized: water sports, catamarans, water skiing and bananas. On the territory of the complex "Kolkhida" there are sports grounds where you can play football, basketball, beach volleyball. There is also billiards and table tennis.

In Ureki you can combine sunbathing, magnetic baths, sea baths and walks in the national park of Colchis with unique vegetation. Coniferous trees give off essential oils for the body, which, in combination with clean air, have a beneficial effect on human health. In the future, Ureki plans to build a full-fledged center with a comprehensive sports infrastructure for organizing sports teams of all countries in the low season.

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Culture and History

Ureki is translated from Georgian as "a place where not to hold cattle", an impenetrable thicket - up to the 40s of the XX century civilization did not reach there. Not far from Sanapiro street there still exists the first house - in 1944 it was located in front of barracks for prisoners of war, among impassable thickets and high sand dunes on the magnetite coast. Magnetic sand is suitable for obtaining iron by direct reduction.

Therefore, in 1944 Georgian geologists were given an order from above - to find raw materials for the metallurgy of Georgia. Searches did not last long - sand containing magnetite (in some areas, the figures rose to 70%) was the ideal finished material for the metallurgical industry; "explored" the resources of prisoners of war, specially exiled to Ureki, primitively pumping magnetite raw materials onto the railway platforms towards the plant in Rustavi. A lucky accident radically changed the future of Ureki and neighboring resort settlements, including Kobuleti.

The name of von Braun, the developer of the V-2 missiles, after the war that served the development of missile technology already in the US, is better known than his deputy, Erich von Anderre, responsible for the fuel department. In 1945, after hitting the zone of occupation of the USSR, von Anderre concealed his name and status, posing as an ordinary man, and was sent to the Ureki prison camp. False-ranked background Anderre suffered from arthritis and cardiovascular diseases, but this did not stop him from showing ingenuity when he watched the sick cows that came to the black sands and burrowed into them. Following their example, Erich found with shock that soon his ailments began to leave him.

Probably, the results of these procedures so impressed the German aristocrat that he decides to write a letter to Stalin himself! For certain, nobody knows how the letter was in Stalin's hands, but a month later Ureki was visited by the highest Kremlin delegation. In his message, Erich von Anderre expressed his views on the inexpediency of using magnetic sands as raw materials for the metallurgical industry (approximately how to install gold in the barracks instead of the usual sorters). He pointed out to the head of the state that the beaches of Ureki together with the climate peculiarities in this part of the Black Sea region will allow the USSR to organize a resort here - and it will not have similar places in the world. By the decree of the government of 1949 it was decided to direct efforts to develop a resort strip from Poti to Kobuleti, including involving local people in planting a relic pine that withstands salty evaporation growing near the Black Sea.

The results of the first flights into space made the USSR once again pay attention to the Ureki beaches. It was found that the presence in weightlessness adversely affects the tone of smooth muscles, and, returning to earth, astronauts encountered disruptions in the work of the kidneys, bladder, liver, and also decreased potency. In addition to other methods of rehabilitation, the Special Institute of Space Medicine held cosmonauts in special pressure chambers with a magnetic field that had a beneficial effect. Again, a successful case in the face of one of the IBMP staff reminded the government of an amazing place in Georgia, where the therapy with magnetic sands under natural conditions gave a similar result.

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