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Dzalisi Fortress

Dzalisi FortressDzalisi fortress locate in a historian village of Georgia in Mukhrani ravine. It’s 40km far to north-west of Tbilisi and 20km to north-east of Mtskheta. Dzalisi or Zalissa mentioned by Klavdii Ptolemei (90-168) as one of the main city of ancient Iberia Kingdom.

During archeological excavations of 1972-1974 found ruins of four palaces, streets, huge rectangular ceramic blocks, baths, sewage collector and water pipe with ceramic tube, Acropolis, poll, administrative part of soldiers barracks and cemetery as well as many architectural details among with basaltic base and chapiter.

Basement of the one of the mansion covered by mosaic from Pitsunda and is an oldest finding of Caucasus. Style of mosaic allows dating it by 300 year AC. Its central part illustrate Ariadna and Dionise during feast.

Dzalisi Fortress

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