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Ethnographic museumEthnographic museum of Georgian national architecture under open sky is located 3 km to the south-east of Tbilisi on Turtle Lake. It was founded in 1960. Today it is the most visited museum of Georgia and includes more than hundred exponents. The Soviet Occupation Museumunicity lie in the fact that exposition represents original Georgian village. There the houses and farm encapsulate different epoch of Georgian History.

Open sky museum impress deeply with its beauty and variety. You can walk through for hours, to learn Georgian way of life different epoch and regions. The most famous exponents of museum is reconstruction of ancient Georgian dweller – “darbazi”, which appears like mud hut. In such kind of mud huts people were hiding while the Turks invasions in Middle Ages.

In museum of Georgian national architecture are collected houses from different regions of Georgia starting from bronze century up to the beginning of XX century. Here you will see wooden houses from Megrelia with wainscoting around the tube, logged house of XVIII muzey-etnografiicentury from Imereti, built on the basis of the bottom stone. Besides on the territory there are various museum-workshops. Here famous craftsman exhibit their best samples of Georgian applied art.

As an example the house from Lanchkhuti is working marten. The desirous can see process of creating different subjects of kitchen and traditional Georgian gun. Inside there are household item and furniture, traditional dresses, needlecraft, different homemade jewelers relevant to each region. A huge interest represents weapon collection Georgian were famous of in Middle Ages: knifes, swords, poignard decorated with precious jewels which were attribute for every man. Museum of Georgian national architecture is opened any day bar Monday.

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