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Tsagveri resort

Tsagveri resort is located in favorable climate region, 14km far from Borjomi. Climate condition allow to rest and heal all year round. Many sunny days, no winds and insignificant temperature cyclic.

Passionate “Kechkhobi” with capacity of 700 person functioning on site. Tourists can stay in two different buildings and different cottages. On site is hydrocarnobate-calcium-natrium water with increased concentration of ferrum. Even the nature is creating favorable condition for your delightful stay. Passionate is suitable for patients who suffer with anemic and for family rest, kids are allowed from four up to 15 year.

On site, you will find entertaining club with fitness and dance evenings, showing movies and library is working too.

The main sight of Tsagveri is monastery complex Timotes Ubani dated by X century. In addition, cottage of the last Russian empire preserved where excursions are organized.

Tsagveri Resort

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