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Mineral Water Park

Mineral Water Park is located through mountain Borjomi river valley, one of the main sight of Borjomi. The park is famous by the fact that one can drink as many Borjomi mineral water as want. The water make the town the most Парк минеральных водfamous international resort.

And the town park of Borjomi exists for a long time, but renovated in 2005. The park is famous by its mineral water and gifted to everyone. Spring boil in different regions of Borjomi, but mainly in the park there is a glassy dome and some faucets in order to drink mineral water. They say it is more effective to drink warm water. However, if it is too hot outside there is spring with cool mineral water.

Lower station of cable road is located near the entrance of the park. It is lead upside the mountaintop to the observation wheel and viewing platform. There are kid entertainment attractions located near the entrance. In another way there is another way leading to the pool where you will find spring of mineral water.

Borjomi water has different taste of hydrogen sulfide but is very useful for our organism. Doctors advising to drink a lot of Borjomi to their patients with the problem of metabolic processes, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal disturbance and liver diseases.

Mineral Water Park

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