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Jew’s District in Akhaltsikhe

The first saying about Akhaltsikhe Jew in historical books made by tsarevich Vakhushti Bagrationi in 1745. For that period, they were settling in special district to the west of Rabat fortress. Moreover, even now they said that Jews where living here sometimes ago. As well as known that in 1740 in Jews district in Akhaltsikhe build synagogue and the second one in the middle of 1860. All Jews left Akhaltsikhe leave behind abandoned cemetery and two synagogue.

Jews from Abastumani, Akhaldaba and Dviri emigrated to Akhaltsikhe after Russian-Turkish war. In 1830 only 117 Jew’s families lived here. Several times during cholera population decrease sharply. The main business is trade but in the middle of 19 century Jews has successful trade relationships with Persia, Turkey and Russia but by the end of 70ies business fall into a decline and Jews movie to other big cities.

By the end of 19 century, Akhaltsikhe Jews had both feet on the floor and build big synagogue in Tiflis known today as Akhaltsikhe synagogue. They also owned 17 Tiflis market, opened Jews collective farm, build Jews kindergarten, school and library as well as Jew’s Committee of poor peasants.

Jews population during 70ies in Akhaltsikhe decreased sharply. Now only eight Jews lived in the town three men and five women. Big synagogue is active however praying is not attending desire quantity of prayers (minyan). Still are conducting renovation works of Jew district, Jew cemetery will be arranged where the most ancient grave dated by 400 years.

Jew’s District in Akhaltsikhe

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