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Katskhi Column

Katskhi ColumnThere is no evidence regarding the person who erected chapel, but aged legend brought us the following saying: “I’m a great sinner, so I will build two houses on pillar: one for Lord and another for monks. Natural beauty along with cult architecture will left deep katskhifootprint in your heart. Therefore Georgians call Katskhi the place where one’s may be close to Lord. Living near skies deserves only person in attendances to Lord. Apparently monks wish to live this way.

Modern church is uplifted as an example of old temple on the border of 20-21, was uplifted thanks to monk Maksim, who lived in 1993 the whole winter in Katskhi column ravine. The temple was named by him. 40 meter high stone column elevates on sky and earth boundary crowned by Katskhi Holy-Ascension church.  Old stronghold belief is truly unique. You will stay all alone by yourself and will forget any problems in this holy place. The most proper denomination of church is “Loneliness Fortress”. Don’t scare to pass this road through rusty ladder, by the end of road you will be rewarded. (the hall is 3.5m in height and 4.5m in length).

There is old vinery, tomb chest. In the hill there is a ravine where monk Maksim was living in th winter, some houses of monks and chapel.

Katskhi Column and temple in Katskhi

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