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Kintrishi National Park

Kintrishi National Park one of the most beautiful places of Georgia. Natural Park is located in picturesque ravine of river Kintrishi, between Ikhemzansai village and mountain Khoni, 300-2500m above sea level. Reserved area is joining to the north with forest division administration of Kobuleti; to the south-east with municipality of Shuakhevi; to the south with municipality of Kedi; and to the south-west with national park of Mtirala.Kintrishi National Park

Administration of reserved territory of Kintrishi manages two different category of protect area, they are: state reserved area and protected landscape. State reserved area Kitrishi was founded in 1959, the goal was to protect old-growth forest and endemic species, as well as flora and fauna of the place.

Reserved area got it name based on similarly-named river, which flows in picturesque ravine. Many small-scale rivers as well as rough mountain stream and lakes; one of them is high altitude lake Tbikeli (1900m above sea level).

Hiking trails of Kitrishi Protected areas:

Arch bridge of Tamara and box bluff (2hr)

Hiking route starts at arch stone bridge of river Kintrishi. This construction is considered to be nacionalnyy-park-kintrishi-adzhariyamonument of the second part of XI-XII century. Then comes trail lead to the church of Saint George, church is active since 2005, as friary and since 2010 as nunnery. Here you can visit ancient vine jar, box bluff and waterfall. Walking route length from arch bridge is approximately 600m.

Yew forest and Tbikeli Lake (2 days)

Hiking route starts at meeting point in Didvake village. Trip to centuries’-long yew forest, itemed in Red Book. Georgian yew-tree is the one and only coniferous form whose nut isn’t strobilus. Furthermore we will visit ruin of Khinotsminda church dated by VIII-IX century. Based on walls remains which reaches 2-3m it easily can be told that the church was big-sized. After rest stop drive on to Tbikeli Lake is located 1900-2000m above sea level.

Kintrishi National Park

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