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Tabatskuri Lake

Озеро ТабацкуриTabatskuri Lake is endorheic Mountain Lake located on area of picturesque region of Samtskhe-Javakheti. Tabatskuri is located at 1991m; origin is volcanic and is the deepest lake of Georgia. Mean depth is 15.5m and maximum is 40m.

The main feeding source of Tabatskuri Lake is ground water and water runoff conducted the same way. Basin known by its inaccessibility surrounded by high and steep hills. Though it is possible to go down to it, the best time for this is August when the water is warm enough, 24.50C. Basin is plantless but here you will see pheasant, brook trout, whitefish, and cerambycids.

Tabatskuri village is located not far from the lake, the road freeze in the winter as well as the lake. Tabatskuri village is located exactly on the lake.  Here is the whole half island. Armenians, generation of the emigrated from the Turkey in 1905. Here you will see ruins of the most ancient church called “tsiteli sakdari” the red church. Named as a red due the color of the church.

Tabatskuri Lake

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