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Green Monastery

Зеленый монастырьGreen Monastery is a small complex built not far from Borjomi. It is a small one but important cultural and religion monument of Georgia. And one of the most interesting sight of Borjomi. Ancient religious house is still functioning in spite of many tragic moments of history and attract many pilgrims.

The name is not related to the color of the building or church style. Monastery is surrounded by close green forest. It was the reason to call it Green Monastery. Temple is called Monastery Chitakhevi of Saint George. There is nothing known about building history. Although scientists insisting that building was conducted under leadership of the famous Grigol Khandztian students Christoff and Teodor. It was happening at the end of IX century. Nothing is known who had lived in monastery. An evidence were destroyed by time and occupiers.

The most terrible plundering raid was by Iran shakh Tamaz the first in XV century, hundreds of monks were killed and torments. The rocks of the river Chitakhevi soaked the monks shedding blood and this rocks are still in the river. After that temple was uninhabited for several centuries.

Green Monastery consist of two rocky constructions. The first was uplifted on the border of IX and X century. In XIV church with bell tower was built. Monastery is functioning since 2002, you can see here modern dwelling of monks and housekeeping area. Even in spite the fact that monastery is hidden in the forest there are those who want to touch history and visit this place. Especially on weekends here you will find people from all over the Georgia.

Green Monastery

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