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Prometheus Cave or Kumistavi

prmetheOn Imereti area there are many karst cave. In order to protect the cave and nature in 2007 was founded protected area which is included 1 reserved area, 1 reserved forest and 18 nature monuments. Among them: Sataplia reserved area (330ha), Sataplia reserved forest (34ha). Nature monuments: Caves of Tetra, Prometheus, Khomuli, Gliana, Satsublia, Solkota, Didgele, Melouri and Bgeri; Lake with crevasse, Okatse canyon and Okatse waterfall; Navenakhevi, Nageravi, Iasona and Skadzhia caves; Tskaltsitela ravine and Tsutskhvati cave.prometheus-cave

Prometheus Cave (Tskaltubo region, Kumistavi village) was founded on 15 July of 1984 by expedition of explorer of caves from Institut of geography named by Vakhushti Bagrationi. 17 caves halls are covered by beautiful stalactite and stalagmite, gelictite, pizolite, rocky waterfall. There Is a 1050m long road but possibly the whole length of the caves exceed 20000m. Climate is healing and good for asthma patient . Air and water temperature is 140C so tourists must dressed warmly.

Prometheus cave was reconstructed as a place to visit only in 2010 by order of Mikheil Saakashvili. So now there are taking place laser shows with music and light effects. Cave was decorated by designers from Germany and they created man figure from iron sticks fill in with rocks. This is a sculpture of local resident who had protected the cave from vandals.

Useful Information

Working hours: daily from 10:00am up to 18:00pm except Monday

Entrance fee: 20GEL for adults, 7GEL for children and students. Fee for rowing the boat is 15GEL

It is necessary to have comfortable shoes while visiting.

Prometheus Cave or Kumistavi

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