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Assumption Church of the Virgin Mary

In Borjomi ravine there is an ancient and interesting construction Assumption Church of the Virgin Mary in Kvabiskhevi (Mariamtsminda church). Three-nave basilica built in VIII-IX century from cut stone from nearby mountains. Walls are raised with closed-bodied cobblestone look like plates put in on the wall. A great stone is Церковь Успения Богородицыlocated near the basilica altar, it was working function of monastery canteen. There is an art painting on the south side of the temple dated by XII-XIII century. Based on Scientifics opinion frescoes represents great historical heritage.

On the south part of the wall there are images of man the great Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli and woman his mother and 12 Apostol. Here you will see also ancient Georgian painting saying “Shotai and Iai”. Church is located in historical place – Meskheti. Base on assumption of Scientifics it was the home place of Shota Rustaveli. According to legend in the ravine of Kvabiskhevi had lived married aunt of the poet and Shota had an education here, frescoes dated by 12-13 centuries. They represents unique historical heritage.

Church was renovated and ancient roof tile was replaced by new modern one. There are small building with icons in the other side of the wall. This icons are prohibited to put in the temple based on the decision of prior.

Every year on 28th of August in the day of memory of holy Mary many Georgians are gathering here. Here you will find several alcove and chairs, flows small crystal Mountain River and is water source with the tastiest ever water.

Assumption Church of the Virgin Mary

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