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Racha-Lechkhumi wineries

Racha-Lechkhumi wineries located in a small town Ambrolauri, on the banks of the Rioni River. The city is located at the intersection of three roads that lead to the cities of Oni, Tkibuli and Tsageri.Racha-Lechkhumi wineries

Ambrolauri is also known as the birthplace of wine Khvanchkara. In the center of the city is the “Square with a Bottle.” A giant wine bottle, which has 18 meters, stands in the middle of the car ring. Two hundred meters from the monument is the factory Royal Khvanchkara.

Royal Khvanchkara winery

The winery belongs to a private person. Produces 2 varieties of wine produced from grapes that grow only in the region of Racha – white semi-sweet twishi and the famous red semi-sweet Khvanchkara. In Royal Khvanchkara factory staff conduct tours with an entertaining story about the history of the plant and the technology of wine making. Then the tasting with a traditional toast.Racha-Lechkhumi wineries

Bugeuli Winery

A special place among all the wines of Georgia is “Khvanchkara”. This is the famous red semi-sweet wine from the mountain region of Racha. It is here that the village of Bugeuli, where the grapes “alexandrouli” and “mujuretuli”grow. Of these varieties produced “Khvanchkara.”

The owners of the company “Alexandreuli” belongs more than 60% of the vineyards of “Aleksandrouli” and “mujuretuli” and therefore “Khvanchkara” was decided to be the flagship of the brand Bugeuli.

Since 1910 “Khvanchkara”, after receiving the Grand Prix tasting in Belgium and the token of king Leopold II of Belgium brought Georgia to the leaders of the wine art.

And in the first year of its existence, “Khvanchkara” Bugeuli won a gold medal at the prestigious competition of Georgian wines “Georgia – the birthplace of wine.”

Now the winery produces several types of wine. The most famous are the classic “Khvanchkara” (red semi-sweet), it is “alexandrouli” (red dry), and rare for Georgia wine “Tetra” (white semi-sweet). White sweet very little, only “Tetra” and “Tvishi”, and “Tetra” in stores almost never occurs.

Racha-Lechkhumi wineries

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