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Cable Road in Borjomi

Канатная дорога в БоржомиCable Road in Borjomi is the most interesting sight in Borjomi. Cable road with a cabin of small size created in city Park since 60ies of XX century. Interesting fact is that cabins with its form and decoration remind you famous label on bottle of mineral water “Borjomi”.

Cable road opened in Soviet time, but was not functioning for two decade. The road renovated several time ago and now is available for tourists. Lower station called the Park, upper one – Plateau. Lower station is located near an entrance of central park. Everyone can take a trip in cabin and view city panorama and mountain at 1000m above sea level.

In the upper station, you will also find cozy and very sensible church of Seraphim Sarov you should also visit. Church had constructed in 2008 but already is the famous place in the city.  In the natal day of Saint Seraphim, crowds of parishioners gathered here. Among with that there is a small café and panoramic wheel in the upper station.

Cable Road in Borjomi

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