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Adjameti Reserved Area

Аджаметский заповедникAdjameti Reserved Area is located in west Georgia, in the east edge of Kolkhida lowland, 265km far from Tbilisi. Adjameti Reserved Area was opened in 1946.

Territory of 5km2 is covered with polydominant ancient Kolkhian forests. Following forest plant occurs here: oak, hornbeam, east hornbeam, maple, elm-tree, wing nut and nut tree. In forest understory you will see evergreen pontine rhododendron, Pastukhov’s ivy, medlar, rosehip etc. Here you will also find relict species of Imeretian oak (Quercus Imeretina) and Caucasian elm Zelkova (Zelcova carpinifolia). Age of certain trees reaches for centuries. Wildlife is relatively poor here, although you will meet some species itemized in Red Book such as: hairy-armed bat, Caucasian squirrel, edible dormouse, forest dormouse, and Caucasian otter.

In surroundings area of Adjameti natural reserve there are some meaningful monuments. Among them are Vartsikhe suburb (built on remains of antic city Rodopolis), Geguti (ruins of hunting palace of XI century, Kutaisi etc.

Adjameti Natural Reserve

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