300 Aragveli Bridge

300 Aragveli BridgeThere is another old bridge in Tbilisi and it is called 300 Aragveli Bridge. Bridge has a fascinating history. Originally the bridge was wooden, single-span bridge was created in the period of changes and while overbuilding of Tiflis in 1852. It was built by businessmen Mnatsakanov, they said it cost Armenian businessmen 25000 RUB. He often blame his relatives for expenses saying: “You spent quarter our money set off for bridge construction.”

Though there is another version of Mnatsakanov bridge construction. According to which Mnatsakanov has a little relation with construction. They say bridge threw over trodden overhead road. The first ferry occurs already in XV Most 300 aragvincevcentury. For that time, bridge was called Kakhetian and was used for cattle drive. Bridge had survived until Invasion of Shakh-Abbas in XVII century and then in XIX century a new bridge was constructed here.

There were braver who gain a right to use this ferry and established the payment. As far as information goes the payment was too high and businessmen Mnatsakanov decided to facilitate the life of citizens. He redeem the bridge from property owner and return the bridge to the town. Anyway the bridge was called by his name. It was the newest bridge constructed at the turn of XIX and XX centuries. References encounter in work of famous writer, film director and author Agasi Aivazian, he was born in Georgia. In 1952 Mnatsakanov bridge was ruined and on that place new bridge was built.

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