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Autonomous Republic of Adjara

Autonomous Republic of Adjara

Autonomous Republic of Adjara – is a historical, geographical and political-administrative region in the extreme south-west of Georgia. Sanatorium-treatment facilities are located in the seaside area mostly founded in the Soviet era. There are mountain resorts. The area of the territory is 2899 km ². The population is 382 400.


  • Batumi is a city and port in Georgia, on the Black Sea coast, the capital of Adjara Autonomous Republic, and the main tourist center of modern Georgia.
  • Kobuleti is a resort of Adjara, Georgia, 21 km north of Batumi and located on the Black Sea coast in a zone of subtropical climate. Center of Kobuleti district. The population is 18.6 thousand people.
  • Keda is a city-type settlement in Adjara, the center of the Ked Municipality. It is located on the Adzharitskali river (tributary of the Chorokh river), 41 km east of Batumi. The population is 20 024 people.
  • Makhindzhauri is a city-type settlement (daba) in the Khelvachauri municipality of Adjara, Georgia. In the village on the Natanebi-Batumi line there is the railway station which is the main passenger station of Batumi. In Makhindzhauri there is a climatic and balneological resort.
  • Khelvachauri is a city-type settlement in Georgia. It is the center of the Khelvachauri municipality of Adjara Autonomous Republic. The population is 6 143.
  • Khulo is a city-type settlement (daba) in Adjara, Georgia. Center of the Khulo Municipality. The village is located 87 km from the railway station of Batumi.

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Adjara Fortresses

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Alley of Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak

Botanical Garden

Batumi Art and Music Center

Cable Road in Khulo

Gambling business in Batumi

Europe Square in Batumi

Kintrishi National Park

Mtirala National Park

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Autonomous Republic of Adjara

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Autonomous Republic of Adjara

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