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Romanov’s Palace in Borjomi

There is three point of mineral water in Borjomi: central (within Borjomi city), Likani and Vashlovani-Kvibi. There are a plenty deposits of warm mineral water of 28-330 C in Likani (settlement in the past, now the part of Borjomi), the main component is special combination of hydrocarbonate, magnesium and calcium as well as natural carbon боржоми абеонатревелdioxide. The components cause water to have unique mild taste. Water is coming out from the depth of 1500m.

There is a woodland park where encounter centenary oaks and coniferous trees in Likani between mountains on the bank of the Kura river. In the middle of the park, you will see one of the most wonderful different construction Palace in Likani. Romanov’s Palace in Borjomi built in 90ies of XIX century by an order of great duke Nikolay Mikhailovich Romanov. He desire to build this palace for his brother Russian Emperor Alexander the II, under the project of architect Leontii Benua. Architecture differs from Georgian architecture. Palace built in the Moresque style. The first hydro power station in Russian Empire built in river Borjomula in order to ensure the palace with electric power.  Palace consist of sever buildings and 300 sleeping accommodation.

Palace in Likani passes under the possession of the state with the advent of Soviet Rule. The first leaders of the State rest here in Soviet time as well as Joseph Stalin. He came to Likani in 1951. Now Likani Palace is summer residence of president of Georgia. So prohibited to go through and we are going to delight only layout.

Romanov’s Palace in Borjomi

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