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Alazani Valley

Alazani ValleySince time immemorial, Kakheti has become the main wine-making area of the country. In these places, fertile soil, mild climate, plenty of water and forests, diverse and luxurious nature. Irrigated by the rivers Alazani and Agrichai famous Alazani Valley is located in the heart of Kakheti.Alazani Valley

According to ancient legend, once on the site of Kakheti was the sea. People lived in the mountains, but the water level was constantly rising. Then one Collier proposed to put in the sea the cart and in the place where it washed up on a beach, cut through the drain. The cart stopped at the modern riverbed of the Alazani. The drain was cut, the sea waters were gone, and since then a Short wine tour in Kakheti flourished and in place of the sea stretched vineyards.

Along the entire length of the main Kakheti highway stretched vineyards. Kakhetian wines are known all over the world. It produces about 70 different types of wine. Including Napareuli, Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Tsinandali, Cardanahi, ahasheni, Teliani, Tibaani, Ahmet.

Wine “Alazanskaya Dolina” – semi-sweet red wine with a pleasant fresh bouquet, velvety, harmonious taste, produced since 1977 from grapes Alexandreuli, Ojaleshi. Their grapes and wines are also known villages and cities – Kvareli Kardanakhi, Mukuzani, Gurjaani.

Alazani Valley

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