Mukhrani Bridge

Mukhrani BridgeMukhrani Bridge was built after Galaktioni Bridge in 1911. Project was come up with in 1882 by architect Umanski – author of Vera bridge. In the same year most-baratashviliferry crossing was built by engineer Gageimaister, connected Mukhrani Street and Tsitsiani Ascent. Ferry crossing cannot replace bridge consequently the bridge was built. The bridge was built according to the project of architect Paton the great metal construction which had no analogs.

But city planning governor didn’t like the bridge. As a result in 1965 the bridge was replaced with new one as well as name was changed. The bridge was called under the name of Nikoloz Baratashvili. Current construction does not represent any architectural merit. The only one decoration is funny sculptures called “Youth” by George Djaparidze.

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