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Ikvis-Sakdari Church

Ikvis-Sakdari ChurchIkvis-Sakdari Church – the finest creation of medieval Georgian architecture. The frescoes preserved in the Church give the Ikva Church a special value. Unfortunately, the Church Ikvi not preserved any information except the date of construction of the temple-about the middle of the XI century. Ikvi is a cross-domed temple built of broken stone. The painting of the temple belongs to the time of its construction – that is, to the XI century. It covers all the walls of the structure, although damaged in places. Paint unusually fresh and bright. From the painting here you can see: four figures of saints in the apse, two figures of deacons in the window, the remains of the ascension, Crucifixion, Removal from the cross, Mourning and Transfiguration in the drum, fragments of the Nativity, Candlemas, the Entrance to Jerusalem, the Last judgment and scenes from the life of St. George in the sleeves of the cross. Images of the Last judgment were an effective means of helping to convert the pagans.

The dome and facade of the Church of St. George were restored in the 30s of the twentieth century. Once the temple was surrounded by a massive stone wall, of which only part has survived.

Ikvis-Sakdari Church

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