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Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking

Kakhetian traditional winemakingKakhetian traditional winemaking is one of the largest producers of wine and spirits in Georgia and the Caucasus. Founded in 2001, KTW produces wine, brandy, sparkling wine and chacha using traditional Georgian technologies combined with modern technologies. This allows the company to keep the old, unique taste of wine and create their own style on a global scale.

Kakhetian traditional winemakingWine occupies a crucial place in social interactions in Georgia, playing a role in the traditional hospitality of the country and promoting friendship and goodwill. Our company strives to keep these traditions alive by focusing on innovation – maintaining and improving the quality and diversity of our products.

Genuine wine KTW “Chkhaveri” dates back to 1880 and comes from the village of Askan, where the winemaker Antimoz Chkhaidze founded one of the most famous wine cellars of the period. He used a unique grape in the region and created a completely new kind of wine. He called it “Chkhaveri.” Since then, winemaking has always been a vital family tradition for the family Chkhaidze, and the great grandson of Antamoz Chkhaidze – Zurab Chkhaidze finally decided Kakhetian traditional winemakingto reveal and to demonstrate to the world the family tradition of winemaking Chkhaidze.

After 16 years, KTW exports its products to more than 20 countries of the world, being the leader of Georgia’s exports for 8 calendar years. With the growth of the company KTW has always firmly adhered to its position in terms of quality, using the latest machines of the company Della Toffola, and opened new wine cellars, shops, salons and various cultural projects for the development of the culture of Georgian wine.

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Kakhetian traditional winemaking

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