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Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit

Catholic Church of the Holy SpiritThe Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit was designed by the architects Oleg Pataridze and Georgy Bagoshvili. Built in the late 90’s on Gogebashvili Street. And consecrated in 2000 by the representative of the Roman Catholic Church in the Caucasus, Bishop Giuseppe Pasotto.

Giuseppe Pasotto was born on July 6, 1954 in the city of Bovolonne (province of Verona, Italy). After graduation, he entered the monastic congregation of the Sacred Stigmata of Jesus Christ (stigmians). May 12, 1979 was ordained a priest. In 1993 he arrived in Georgia. In 1996, he was appointed apostolic ordinance of the Apostolic Administration of the Caucasus for the faithful of the Latin rite, which includes Armenia and Georgia. And in 2000, he was ordained bishop with the title of the city of Musty. Now a non-existent department in northern Africa, near Carthage.

The Church of the Holy Spirit is located on the outskirts. At the very entrance to the city from the side of Makhinjauri. It is executed in a very interesting architectural style. An interior of the church is rather modest. The Georgian Ambassador in Vatican often visits the church. A festive service is held there. The Sunday Mass starts at 5:00 pm.

Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit

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