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National park of Javakheti

Национальный парк ДжавахетиNational park of Javakheti, breeding ground of Kartsakhi wetlands, breeding ground of Suld wetlands, breeding ground of Khanchali lake, breeding ground of Bugdasheni Lake and breeding ground Madatapi Lake those are reserved territories of Dzhavakheti, created in 2011.

Reserved area including territory of municipality of Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda. There are many lakes of Javakheti plateau among with them is the biggest lake of Georgia Paravani Lake. The highest point of Javakheti is Didi Abuli Mountain. Mountain height is 3300m from sea level. Javakheti highland is the coolest among inhabited places of Национальный парк ДжавахетиGeorgia. For those places characterize dry continental climate and mean yearly temperature is too low. In winter period Javakheti Lake, freeze up for a long time.

There are no forests in Javakheti; here you can meet some artificial pinery as well as fragments of natural forest. You can meet in surrounding of Kartsakh Lake the biggest natural sub-alpine forest consist of white birch-tree, Caucasian rowan, bush of cornel, briar and raspberry.

Samtskhe-Javakheti is famous with ski resort of world class. On the top of Rocky Mountains had found cave towns and monastery. These sights are very interesting for locals and for tourists.

National Park of Javakheti

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