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Uznariani fortress

On the high rock near Tsagveri, on the right hand side in the narrow rocky Gudjarula River through upraise Uznariani fortress aged as early middle ages which is the point from V up to X century.

Крепость УзнарианиFortress is grew into the rock and is visible from the road like a one whole massive, it is inaccessible from three sides. The main part represents powerful humpbacked tower and adjoin the wall. The relatively accessible sides are strengthen with the second row of walled fence.

Humpbacked tower preserved on the height of 8m above the earth, rounded side of the tower is directed to the side of mountain slope and flat side is directed to the river which is typical to such kind of the towers.

The fencing is constructed with a rocks of small size. Fortress has features typically for the early feudalism era. Footprints of construction preserved on the fortress territory. Fortress is built on the favorable place from strategically point of view and consequently is pretty protected.

Uznariani Fortress

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