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Likhauri Church

Likhauri ChurchLikhauri Church, formally The Church of the Nativity of the virgin in Likhauri – a small temple in the village of Likhauri, built in the XIII or XIV century, a rare case for Guria temple with stone carvings, though modest.

About the time of construction of the temple there are some differences. The historian Ekvtime Takaishvili (born nearby) believed that the temple was built in 1352 by the Gurian Prince Kakhaber I Gurieli.

But art critics eventually decided that it was built earlier, in the second half of the XIII century, and Kakhaber only attached to her Western portico. Later, in the XV century, Prince George Gurieli added a bell tower. Call even accurately year – 1422. Even later, the temple was partially renovated – presumably by order of Prince George IV Gurieli (1702 – 1726)

Likhauri Church

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