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Samtsevrisi Fortress

Samtsevrisi FortressSamtsevrisi Fortress is an important historical landmark of Georgia, and one of the surviving castles throughout the country. Rather, only fragments have survived, which are now available for inspection by tourists. Previously, the castle belonged to the local princes panaskerteli-Tsitsishvili.

According to scientists, once occupied a very impressive area, and, therefore, was the residence of rich feudal lords, occupying an important place in the upper layers of society of the state. Until now, it has not been possible to determine the exact date of construction of the castle, it is only certain that the tower, which has survived to the present day, was built in the VIII-IX centuries. The remaining structures belong to a later period. In total, archaeologists have more than five layers, which indicates the constant improvements and completions of males.

South-East, 350 m is Samtsevrisskaya domed Church of the VII century. Near Samtsevrisi in the fortress now operates a convent. According to the official website of the local diocese, the monastery has been restored since 1997. Visitors have access only to the non-residential part of the castle and the Church. When photographing inside the Church, they ask not to use a flash, and the frescoes themselves are too new and bright.

Samtevrisi Palace

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