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Aspindza Resort

курорт АспиндзаAspindza Resort is famous by unique mineral sources all over the country and is favorite place for tourists. Water is less mineralized thermal water; temperature all over the year reaches +33+420C.

There are many legends regarding lifeblood confirming the fact that Saturn created the source, when he saw from the sky wars and that people was arguing between together he want to terminate the situation by throwing lightening on the earth. The lightening make a hole in the earth and out of it come real source of water and the smell of hydrogen sulfide make people charitable and peaceful. Moreover, there after the water called intoxicate.

Aspindza resort water is good for healing any form of nervous debility and emotional disorder.  In addition Aspindza resort is visited by people is stress, tired, exhausted persons. Resort became famous due to success therapy and treatment of psoriasis, arthritis and podagra.

Aspindza resort is the best place for healing for those who suffering from skin disease, such as eczema, psoriasis, and pyoderma and lichen ruber planus. Healing power of Aspindza resort clear the skin before long and make it unbelievable soft and smooth. However, in order to have the best result from healing it is recommended to visit resort annually.

Крепость ТмогвиAspindza Sights:

  • Aspindza Castle – Unfortunately from the former fortress building left only the small part. Building is uplifted from grey rock and setting habits is visible thin blocks and several little rocks of different colors. Today preserved big watchtower with loophole window. As well, as remains of catch wall. Second fortress is bigger with arch entrance; remains are located on the small rocky hill with volcanic origins. There are no facts about the battles most likely the towers play the role of observer and informing about oncoming enemy;
  • Vardzia cave monastery of XII-XIII century, one of the main sight of Georgia;
  • Tmogvi fortress – big but less preserved fortress. This place was considered to be the centre of Georgia in XI-XII centuries;
  • Khertvisi Fortress – the most ancient fortress of Georgia though the initial date of the construction is unknown. The most ancient and well-preserved fortress of Georgian feudal period;
  • Vanis Kvabebi – caves in surrounding of Vani. Less known cave nunnert located 3km far from famous cave fortress Vardzia;
  • Damala village settlement – several interesting objects are located here – Kokhta fortress, Armenian temple Surb Georg and Surb Hatch temple.

Aspindza Resort

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