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ImeretiImereti – region (area, mkhare) and historical area of East Georgia, in the pool of the middle course of Rioni River and its tributary. Residents (imeretians) speak on imeretian dialect of Georgian language; there were some special features in culture and way of life. Area is 6552km2, number of inhabitants is 693 500.


  • Kutaisi – the city of East Georgia is Parliament capital of Georgia since 2012, located on the both flank of Rioni River at 125-300m above the sea level. Population is 200000. Airport Kopitnari is located 14km far from the city, 220km far from Tbilisi on Railway Road.
  • Samtredia – the city of East Georgia. Population is 30 000 residents, located on Kolkhida Lowland, 27km to the east of Kutaisi. Climate is sub-tropical, soft, humid, not far from the city flows rivers Rioni and Tskenistskali.
  • Samtredia is main railway junction of Transcaucasian (Tbilisi and Batumi line). 10km far from Samtredia is Kopitnati international airport, from the north adjoins Kulashi suburb.
  • Zestaponi – less interesting homeland of Boris Akunin, Population is 24 158.
  • Chiatura is an origin town of “cable road city” where you will find the most popular networks of elevators and manganese mines. Population is 19587. Town is located in the river Kvirila gorge (Rioni’s influx) and adjunct plateau, 220km far from Tbilisi Railway Road.
  • Tskaltubo is balneological resort on the east of Georgia, administrative centre of Tskaltubo, 9km to the north-east of Kutaisi. Population is 16.8 thousands.
  •  Tkibuli is city in Georgia, population is 13.8 thousand; is located to the south-east from Racha foothills, 42km to the north-west of Kutaisi, 165km to the north-east of Tbilisi. Last point of Railway Road Rioni-Kutaisi-Tkibuli.
  • Khoni is the town to the east of Georgia, Imereti province, population is 11 thousands.
  • Sachkhere os the town of Sachkhere region of Georgia. Populations is 8.1 thousands, located on the river Kvirila (Rioni influx).
  • Bagdati is homeland of Vladimir Maiakovskii where his house museum is located, 18th century ruins of Tkhmeli fortress and a big temple. Town is located on the river Khanistskali (left influx of Rioni), on the edge of Adjameti forest. Located 19km far from Railway Station of Rioni, 25km far from Kutaisi.
  • Vani is picturesque climate resort with sulfur water and ruins of big Kolkhian city of 5-1 centuries, with the population of 4.6 thousand.
  • Terdjola is the city of the centre of Terjola region is located 15km far of Railway Station of Zastaponi. Populations is 6.1 thousand.
  • Kulashi is historical village of Georgian Jews to the north of Samtredia, with synagogue and family temple of dukes Mikeladze.

Imereti Sights:

Adjameti Reserved Area

White Bridge

Okatse Canyon

Kinchkha Waterfall



Ukemerion Hill

Palaces and Castles of Imereti

Monastery and Temples of Imereti

Imereti Caves

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