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Sheriff Khimshiashvili house-museum

Sheriff Khimshiashvili house-museumSheriff Khimshiashvili house museum is located 90 km from Batumi, in the gorge of Skhalta-Khikhani, on the left bank of the river Skhaltistskali. Nearby is the church of Skhalta. Built at the turn of 12-13 centuries on the initiative of Queen Tamara.

In this house lived the leader of the national liberation movement in Ajaria or Muslim Georgia. The ruler of Adjara during the Ottoman rule in Adjara – Sherif Khimshiashvili (grandson of Selim Khimshiashvili). During the Russian-Turkish war, he did everything possible to maintain the welfare of his land and people. To return the occupied lands of Georgia.

In the collection of the museum are objects of everyday life that belonged to the family of Khimshiashvili – furniture, silver, bronze and porcelain dishes, weapons, paintings. Sheriff Khimshiashvili house-museumAlso Sherif Khimshiashvili’s archive (manuscripts, photographs and various documents).

Sheriff Khimshiashvili’s house museum was founded on the initiative and charitable activities of Teimuraz Komakhidze and Nargiz Abashidze in September 2002. On the right hand side of the museum, on the bank of the river Skhaltisktali there are graves of the son of Sherif Khimshiashvili and his fourth German wife. The graves were once visited by Emperor Alexander the III-rd and his wife Maria Feodorovna. She was the sister of the wife of Sherif Khimshiashvili.

A special place in the museum is given to the photo materials of the Sherif Khimshiashvili family. He had 20 children (11 sons and 9 girls). The photographs depict different periods of their life and activities, related mainly to the survival and revival of the Fatherland, and after the liberation of the Muslims of Georgia – with questions of Christianity and education. It also contains the text of the poem “I miss you, my Khulo”, in which the author Melaat Khimshiashvili expressed his nostalgia for his native land. Melaat Khimshiashvili is a Turkish citizen, the grandson of Sherif Khimshiashvili from his German wife.

Sheriff Khimshiashvili house-museum

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