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Vashlovani Nature Reserve

Vashlovani nature reserve is located in Kakheti, in Dedoplistskaro district. To walk around the Park, first of all, you need to register at the Park’s office in Dedoplistskaro, as the border Park is located next to the Azerbaijani border.

In 1935, a small reserve was created in The Eldar steppe – 8,034 hectares, which protected the forests of the region. The decision on the extension of security of land and creation of natural parkland was adopted in 2003. Today Vashlovani protected areas include Vashlovani reserve national Park, and three monuments of nature — the eagle gorge, forest on the banks of the Alazani river and mud volcano Takhti-Tepa.

The height of the Vashlovani nature reserve ranges from 100 to 800 meters. In the Park you can visit several areas: steppe, forest-steppe, semi-desert and deciduous forest zone. And also you can see: sheer sedimentary cliffs (Badlands), flat plateaus and even caves.

While visiting the Park-it’s summer, but in the summer rains dramatically reduce the permeability of the Park. Here you can look at the real dinosaur bones and admire the amazing mud volcanoes with oil impurities.

What trails you can walk in the Park:

Vashlovani Nature ReserveEagle gorge. 7-8 km, 1 day, walking and car trip, difficulty-average. Also on the way-sightseeing of the medieval city-fortress of Khornabuji. Further, the transition to mount St. Ilya through the temple of the VI century of Tesbiti; located on a limestone mountain, at an altitude of 45 meters. To the East of the temple is visible “Lake Okeechobee” and the Shirak valley, while to the South Taribanivalley and ridge Kotsakhuri.

Vashlovani Nature Reserve

Pantishara gorge-Bear valley. 120 km, 1 day, walking and car trip, difficulty-average. You will see the Pantishara valley: on the right side of the road you can see the contours of the Nagomrebi ridge covered with xerophytic vegetation, on the left side you can see the Vashlovani reserve. Gradually along the ridge and down into the valley of Pantishara, where he built many nests of swallows and therefore this place is called “Marsalis Kalaki” (city of swallows). Next, the transition to the” Datvis Hevi”, on the slope of which are visible bared sea mollusks, which proves once here the existence of the sea. The main attraction of the route is the fossilized bones of the southern elephant, the largest of them reaches 87 cm and well represents the giant size of a mammal living a million years ago.

Vashlovani Nature ReserveMud volcanoes Takhti-Tepa. 110 km, 1 day, car trip, difficulty-average. This inorganic natural monument is located near Dali mountain and differs from everything that can be seen in Georgia. The visitor, who saw the Volcano, Talakhovani, there is a feeling that he is on another planet. The volcano is a white hill, from the crater of which constantly erupts and flows gas, oil and mud with medicinal properties.

4Kaklis Kure (forest on the Bank of the river Alazani); 150 km, 1 day, car trip, difficulty-average. Kaklis Kure is a Bay of the Peninsula on the river Alazani. Mouth width is not more than 30-40 meters, while an area of more than 204 ha. In Georgia, only in this Bay it is possible to meet natural nuts, and the only instances of a gigantic ash-trees, oaks and elms. Hence the origin of “Kaklis Kure”.

5Midzniskure — Black mountain. 220 km, 2 days, walking and car trip, the difficulty is high. With valley Pantishauri road toward the border: with right side of the road the outlines of the ridge Nagomrevi covered with xerophytic vegetation, on the left side visible in Vashlovani reserve. Then the road goes into the valley Natsistskoi in the valley constantly has water, which in some places flows underground, and gradually descends down to the Alazani valley.

Overnight in lodgings. On the second day the tour continues to black mountain. Here is the place for a picnic. The path runs along a small ridge on the left side which is visible from broad-leaved forest, on the right hand, Aldanskoe field and reservoir Migenchauri. The path ends at the site of the old monastery, where only the ruins of the IV-V century Church remained. In good weather, especially in winter, when there is less evaporation and the air is clean, it is possible to see the ridge of the Great Caucasus.

6Midzniskure sport fish. 60 km, 2 days, car trip, difficulty-high. For fishing you can fish with a fishing rod and a net in Midzniskure, on the river Alazani. There are about 20 species of fish. The best season for fishing is spring and autumn. In Alazani many catfish, carp, gobies, barbels and Caucasian herring.

7Buga Moedani (Bull arena) – Black mountain. 200 km, 2 days, walking and car trip, difficulty-average. The route starts from Dedoplistskaro city and descends into the valley Pantishauri. After visiting the beautiful landscapes and rock massifs of “Alesilebi”, visitors are given the opportunity to see a very different ecosystem. Rare places where a person can simultaneously see and semi-desert, and in the background snow-capped Caucasus mountains.

Vashlovani Nature Reserve

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