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Mutso fortress

Mutso fortressMutso history relates to Queen Tamara, at that period Mutso fortress play main defense meaning and was not disgrace the Shatili. Muso located at 1880m above sea level in ravine Ardoti River and ruins of fortification in Khevsureti, one of the wild region of Georgia. In guidebook is mentioned as village but is not specified that it is abandoned. The reason of it is possibly invasion of Shamil in 1820 and as a result ruined.

History is full of mystery and secrets as all Khevsureti. One version is that it built in XII century under the rule of Queen Tamara. Another version says it appears approximately during XVI-XVII century. It is known that fortress was abandoned but there is references regarding the fact that somebody had lived there in soviet time. But probably in the middle of XIX century it was abandoned again due the fact that in 1850 patients with plague were brought here from Ardot village and burial vaults you can see at present time too.

Fortress preserved very well. Based on the plan you can see that architects can took an advantage of relief and it is hard to say how people were visiting each other and it is fact that it was impossible to win fortress due it steep location.

According to rumors populations of Mutso deify Broliskalo icon, considering themselves of an army of saint crosses and guardians of legendary treasures. The treasure buried somewhere here deep in the earth. This legend related to legend of Khevsureti cross-bearer, who visited Georgia during one of the Crusades and stay here.

Mutso Fortress

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