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Cableway Argo

Cableway Argo

The Cableway Argo starts from the sea station and stretches forward, climbing Mount Feria. The Cableway Argo was opened in 2012 in Batumi. Its length is 2.5 km, 9 gondola-cabins of closed type are constantly moving, each of which can accommodate 8 people. The speed of the nacelle is 5 meters per second. At one hour, the cable car can serve 245 visitors.

Her construction was carried out by the Austrian company Doppelmayr. A company “Khestock-Batumi”, which owns the cableway, invested about 23 million lari in its construction. The Cableway Argo is a great way to look at the panorama of Batumi from a bird’s eye view, admire the mountains and ride the Cableway Argocable car. The complex itself is located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. Includes a restaurant, a cafe, open spaces and roof terraces.

The style in which the “Argo” complex is designed is inspired by the history of the Argonauts and the famous ship “Argo”. Where Jason and his team landed on the coast of Colchis. The building consists of a combination of aluminum panels and a glass of golden color. The western wall is directed towards the city. And is made primarily of glass, which gives a good overview.

The main place for photo sessions and contemplation of species is the podium on the terrace. You can enjoy beautiful views of Batumi, its surroundings and the mountainous landscapes around. Evening gives this event a special charm. Lights are lit in the city, and the complex “Argo” is decorated with bright illumination.

Cableway Argo

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