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Wine Alazani valley

Wine Alazani valleyWine “Alazani valley” is the same “Kakheti” – one of the main and oldest wine regions of Georgia. It has a mild climate, fertile soils, the absence of droughts. Here well ripen autochthonous grape varieties. From this grape then produce the world-famous wines: Mukuzani, Rkatsiteli, etc. The valley got its name in honor of the river flowing here Alzani.

The eponymous brand of wine appeared in 1977. During the reign of EA Shevardnadze and the active expansion of Georgian wines on the Soviet market. The name was chosen is simple: the main raw material for this wine is grown in the Alazani Valley. Valley located between the Caucasus and the Tsiv-Gembalski ranges.

Semi-sweet Georgian wine “Alazani valley” is made from varieties Rkatsiteli (white) and Saperavi (red). However, it is allowed to use other grapes. For example, Alexandrouli, Ojaleshi, etc. Despite the fact that this is a relatively young species. It is made according to the ancient Kakhetian method.

Ripe berries are pressed in a special wooden VAT (feet or press). So that the juice with the pulp flowed into the dug into the ground pitchers-Kvevri. In these hermetically sealed vessels, the same temperature of 14-15 degrees is always maintained. In such circumstances, the future of the wine ferments for several months and then Mature. However, manufacturers who rely on quantity instead of quality can use modern technology, keeping the drink in stainless steel vats and separating the juice from the pulp at the stage of fermentation.

Wine Alazani Valley

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