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Sataplia Reserved Area

Sataplia Reserved AreaIn 8km far of famous resort city Kutaisi is located popular tourist object – СатаплиаSataplia Reserved Area. This corner of relict forests, labirints of kars caves and rocky prints of dinosaurs lived here in Mezozois era 160 millions years ago. There is only three place with this prints: in Ravati ravine in Tadjukustan, on mountain Sataplia in Georgia and in Khodja-pil in Turkmenistan.

Sataplia means “the place where the honey is”. The saying is telling that here in the caves in ancient times there was a wild bees and ancient people were eating this honey. Archeological findings are telling about the ancient people. Ancient people relics were founded by Petre Chabukiani and it was an accident when scientific was studying the water between rocks and the water bring Chabukiani to the great cave covered with stalactite and stalagmite.

Rocky historical dinosaurs prints were founded on the area of Sataplia. And nearby is survived relicts forests and they are called as well Kolkhida forest: yew tree, rhododendron.peshera-Sataplia

By the end of 50ies of XX century Sataplia became reserved area. Temperature in cave approximately is 140C and air is featured with healing features.

There is a viewing point on the top point of Sataplia reserve and you can feel yourself flying between the Deep.

Useful Information

Working hours: daily from 10:00am up to 18:00pm except Tuesday

Entrance fee: 15GEL for adults, 5GEL for children and students. Children up to 6 years free of charge.

It is necessary to have comfortable shoes while visiting.

Sataplia Reserved Area

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