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Shida Kartli

Shida-Kartli – administrative-territorial unit of the Republic of Georgia. It is located in the Central part of Georgia between Tbilisi and Ossetia (partially recognized by the state of South Ossetia, which is considered under the Constitution of Georgia parts of the four edges of the country, including most of Shida Kartli). Its administrative center is the city of Gori. The area is 4 807 km2. The population is 298 500 people.


  • Gori is a city in Eastern Georgia, the center of the Shida Kartli region and the center of the municipality of the same name. Founded By David The Builder. The city is located in the Kartli valley at the confluence of the Kura river and its tributary of the Big Liakhvi river. From the South and West the city is surrounded by mountains.
  • Khashuri is a city in Central Georgia, the center of Khashur municipality of Shida Kartli region. A population of 33.4 million people.
  • Kaspi is a city in Georgia, one of the oldest settlements of Kartli. Located on the left Bank of the Kura river at the confluence of the Lehura. Railway station on the Tbilisi-Samtredia line, 48 km North-West of Tbilisi.
  • Surami is an urban village in the Khashur municipality of Georgia, a well-known resort. Surami is located at the southern foot of the Likhi range, dividing Georgia into the Western and Eastern parts, and is connected to the regional center of Khashuri by a railway line. The population of 9,800 people.
  • Kareli is a city, the center of the eponymous district in the region of Shida Kartli, 94 km West of Tbilisi. The population is 7.2 thousand people.

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Shida Kartli

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