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Timotesubani Monastery

Монастырь ТимотесубаниTimotesubani Monastery and the main picturesque church was built in X century in Borjomi ravine. Monastery complex was built later in XIII century. Timotesubani Monastery has an interesting history.

Once brothers Toreli Shalva and Ivane were coming here for praying before going to the war. After the victory they built here Dormitory church in honor of Holy Mother. He was a very famous Georgian soldier, he was famous abroad too. In 1225 in the battle Shalva and Ivane was hold down the on surge and were waiting for Georgian army, but they did not come. Ivane died and Shalva was captured.

Sultan was captured him as a duke, that he want to make a deal he want Shalva to become Muslim and he will gave him some cities to rule there.  He refused and was killed. It is believed that soldier-martyr Shalva Toreli-Akhaltsikhe was a prototype to “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” of Shota Rustaveli.  That is why paintings in Timotesubani Temple are only about soldiers and martyrs.

There is legend that Shalva Akhaltsikheli is buried on this territory since the church was built by ruler Tori who was great noble lord of Shalva Akhaltsikheli. On the upper, north terrace there is a small single-nave basilica and tomb of Saint Barbara.

Timotesubani Monastery

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