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Golden fortress

Золотая крепостьThe word Okrostsikhe is translated on Russian as “Golden Fortress”, and the fortress was residence of the south dukes Djakeli in medieval. The fortress is located in Adigeni region of Georgia, on the area of historical Meskheti. Scientifics are not able to define when the fortress was built. But possible date is the end of XIII century or beginning of XIV century. Walls are built with bush-hammered rock, in some places reaches more than 10 m in height.

Golden fortress is one of the most magnificent in Georgia it is located on the high rocky massive. Fortress prevail over a huge space it was built for the defense of Georgian kings from invasions of Turks, it was inaccessible from each side.

Additional wall is built in front to entrance. And big rocky-bottomed viewing platform is located over the entrance. Platform was designed for the purpose of throwing the rocks to the enemy and for pouring a hot resin. In case of enemy breakthrough fortress defense was carried out from the different towers.

Golden Fortress

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