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Shaori Megalithic Complex

Мегалитический комплекс ШаориShaori Megalithic complex is the one of the most interesting megalithic monuments, possibly has astronomic nature on the area of modern Georgia. It is located near Lake Paravani, at 2700m above sea level. Fortress Shaori is located on the top of Kerogli Mountain which represents extinct volcano. Amazing construction of Bronze Age is the copy of Abuli Fortress. The most interesting fact is good preserved rocky road. Among with the main fortress Shaori exist another one too located on the neighboring top 400m far to the east.

Complex has a great value based on archeo-astronomic study it is oriented to the horizon point with an azimuth of 98-1000. That’s why it is possible to use the complex as a solar observatory which will define solstice point.

It was possible to observe sun rise and sunset in the days of solstice and many more astronomic feature.

This kind of construction may be called “solar plant”. People had lived, worked, believed and observed over ancient luminaries of the ancient world for the purpose of orientation in time or space.

Shaori Megalithic Complex

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