Monument of Mother Georgia

Monument of Mother GeorgiaMonument Mother of Georgia is called symbol of Georgian capital. Aluminum monument of 20m height was lifted up in 1958 and located in Sololaki. Dimensioned sculpture is the work of Elgudja Amashukeli.

Monument of Mother Georgia

Originally monument was accomplished from the tree. For the first time “Mother of Georgia” was clothed different way and has different head wear. In 1963 material was replaced by aluminum and in 1990 the monument was modernized the way it’s now with traditional apparel and bay leaves.

Georgian Craftsman was awarded by national State Prize for his work. He is also an author of the monument of the Tbilisi founder Vakhtang Gorgasali. Figure “Mother Kartli” symbolized national lineaments of Georgians: in the one hand – wine as a sign of welcome to those who comes with peace, in the other hand – sword intended for those who comes with wicked intents.

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